Week 21 – The Greatest Miracle

miracle pic

The Greatest Miracle – Humanity.

A long time ago, the Void contemplated itself and expanded into Primary and Secondary consciousness. It is the story of Creation held as a truth by some ancient cultures.

Ancient wisdom also suggests that each entity born in that moment of creation is still evolving in the journey called life – And science says that there are seven levels of light that provides the roadway for this evolution.

Also suggested is that each of us has the same purpose – To Make Known the Unknown – an ‘As Above, so Below, expanded  version of the Hero’s Journey.  We are to have experiences that we have not had in order to gain the wisdom of the those levels of light – culminating in the first part of the journey as humanity on this and other viable planets.


Some religious and spiritual organizations call this return, the Stairway to Heaven. As human beings interacting with other human beings, some acutely aware of this journey,  in order to gain the wisdom to continue the journey up the stairway – back up those levels of light.

Needless to say, this must be taking a long time. And,  I believe this is our story – each of us individually making this journey – my accepted version of what is actually happening. And if this is true, what greater story could be told than the Miraculous Journey of the Human Experience over countless millennia.


In my experience over the past 20 weeks, the Master Key Experience has been an effective and demanding pathway back up the Stairway to Heaven. It is effective because it insists on holding an environment that safely allows for change. Each and every week, the course challenges each of us to become a better version of ourselves – another step up the stairway.

I am certain that by the end of the 26 weeks, my personal journey up the steps of the Stairway to Heaven will have significantly picked up the pace of the ascension.



Week 20 – Pearl of Wisdom

oyster and pearl

One of my favorite metaphors is the process within an oyster that creates a pearl.

Sunday’s Master Key webinar talked about the importance of expanding our comfort zone by using Fear, Guilt, Anger, Hurt Feelings and Unworthiness as tools. It was also suggested by the Fab D that people in your life that your react to in one of those aforementioned emotional expressions are , in fact, there to help you polish the edges of your emotional reactions. Imagine loving yourself so much that the conditions that previously bothered you NOW no longer have an affect on you or your emotional strength.

The oyster must overcome the same type of challenges in its lifetime. If a bit of grit or sand gets into its shell, it irritates the soft skin – now, it is way out of its comfort zone. But it does a remarkable thing, it begins to coat the sand with a film that begins to form a substance that protects the oyster from the irritation – using the irritation as a tool!

At the end of the process, the oyster takes an irritation, and using a tool to deal with it, turns the irritation into a pearl. As an aware human being, we can take the same type of irritations (out of our comfort zone) and turn them into pearls of wisdom.


Week 19 – Power Pose

supergirl pose

I was fortunate to hear a woman talk many years ago about her experiences in Australia. She was an American who was going on a “walkabout’ in the Australian bush. This was not a long weekend seminar – this was a 30-day experience.

She was guided by a group of Aborigines that live in the bush as a way of life. They ate what they caught and killed that day, her favorite as she told an audience of over 1000, was GOOEY LIZARD.

She spoke about the Aborigine way of life and death. Indigenous people have a way of understanding the cycle of life and they are aware of the cycle every day. How interesting is must be to be so connected to every facet of your survival – never taking much for granted – living in the moment and being acutely aware of the importance of your next decision.

She related a story of an experience she had years after her walkabout. She was at a beach in California with her granddaughter. As she entered the public bathrooms to help her granddaughter, she was followed in by a man who had those ‘crazy eyes’ as I recall her story. And as she turned around to face the man, she struck the Super Girl pose. The man became confused and ran out of the bathroom.

Everyone in the audience gave her a standing ovation and then we practiced the Super Girl pose. Even those many years ago, I can still remember the feeling that was associated with that pose – POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, INVINCIBLE!

Just when I think that nothing else could be added to the Master Key Experience, another gem is given … Emerson’s Law of Compensation in action.



Week 18 – Finishing Strong

The Week 18 webinar has some awesome takeaways: Shuffling in a whole new set of shapes to continue the onslaught on the subconscious mind (Law of Obedience – I just made that up); Why each of us can be the Greatest Salesperson in the World; The Key to Happiness is in 5 habits – And we have been doing them for the required month to build a habit!; That we already possess Aladdin’s Lamp and now know how to ‘Rub’ it Properly – What Would the Person I Intend to Become Do Next?

And yet, this was not the great takeaway for me. It didn’t happen in the webinar session. It happened in the mastermind portion that follows each webinar with the panel of 5: GiGi, Derek, Lori, the Fab D and Mark.

The discussion began talking about finishing the MKE strong. It reminded me of experiencing a lapse of focus near the end of a football game. My favorite team is up 24 – 7 with 5:10 to go in the third quarter. The game is in control – the game plan is flawless. The other team has a 3rd and 23 due to several penalties in this drive. AND THEN IT HAPPENS. We sack their quarterback… there’s a flag … roughing the passer – automatic first down. The opponent goes in for a score, and it’s 24 – 14. By the time the fourth quarter starts it’s 24 – 21 and a nervousness is pervasive in the stadium.

My question is always: What happened to the game plan that was flawless, the intensity of the players, and the exactitude with which they played most of the game? The good news is … the game goes into overtime and we kick a field goal to win with 00.02 seconds on the clock.

I am reminded, “Nor Do I allow yesterday’s success to lull me into today’s complacency, for this is the great foundation of failure.”

Our MKE course is also at the end of third quarter. Next week we start the fourth quarter. What is my team going to do? We must FINISH STRONG as to leave no impression that the opponent (our crusted Buddha) has even a chance to make a comeback victory. We play the fourth quarter, regardless of the score (and we are winning) as if it is our Super Bowl.

Read, flash, exercise, random acts of kindness, gratitude, reliving a moment, and becoming the silence (sit) that has access to all knowledge. The momentum of the first 18 weeks is a tsunami of happiness crashing upon the shores of our realities.



Week 17/18 – Something is Missing

8tracks radio | Good Grief, Charlie Brown (26 songs) | free and music playlist

This week’s webinar clarified for me a feeling that I have been having for several months. I can only describe it as a subtle sadness – soulful – and not attached to any current or specific circumstance in my life.

In the four stages of loss: Denial, anger, grief, and acceptance. My sadness (my grieving) is associated with my “Refuse the Call.” I have been through the stages of the Hero’s Journey. I wrote about it in my press release. I am on the Return. I know that Service is the only solution to this almost imperceptible sadness / grieving.

My DMP is a close description of my passion – but there is something missing. I hope that by acknowledging that a piece of my purpose is missing, that this will help me discover the missing piece.


Week 17 – Specialized Knowledge


There have been times when ‘Specialized Knowledge allowed me to take advantage of a concept not yet well known to the general public.

In the 1970s, United Airlines came out with the first rendition of a loyalty program – that later became the mileage plus programs used today by all airlines. United Airlines offered an upgrade coupon for every leg a customer traveled. If you flew from San Francisco to Chicago in coach class, you were given a coupon that you could use on a future flight that upgraded you to First Class.

I was living in San Francisco at the time. What Specialized Knowledge did I have? There were two flights, one from San Francisco to San Jose (15 minutes) and one from San Francisco to Oakland, CA (15 minutes). Both of these flights qualified for an upgrade coupon on both legs. Needless to say I do not remember flying coach class again for as long as that program was in effect. The coupons were generic (no name on it) so they could be given as gifts or even sold to a traveler.  Imagine what a traveler flying from San Francisco to New York would pay for a First Class upgrade coupon.

Recently, Specialized Knowledge has had an opposite effect than flying First Class. I am responsible for managing a 12,000 sq. ft. Wellness Center with 8 individual business owners and a restaurant. When I agreed to take on this responsibility, I was left with lots of responsibility and no procedure manual. I was lost as to what needed to be done. I was so frustrated that I was contemplating quitting.

I used the NARC process and weighed the pros and cons of the position. I allowed (gave myself permission) to feel the angst of quitting. In the end, I recommitted to the position with a new attitude – the Specialized Knowledge that I would need to be successful I was determined to master – and not surprising, the company is prospering as a result of this new attitude.

I used the Bitcoin picture for this blog to remember that I lost out on the opportunity to prosper when Bitcoin was $.08 each – Specialized Knowledge that I did not have – but bought when it was under $3,000 each – Specialized Knowledge that I had gained.

I give myself permission to be upgraded with Specialized Knowledge.


Week 16 – Kindness is Contagious


kindness pic2

I began seeing KINDNESS everywhere: My cat (once ferro) has adopted a baby ferro cat and is his/her guardian; my wife has been putting out my vitamins for me for years; my son took the garbage to the road; my electrician came to help me out on his day off – and the list goes on and on.

It occurs to me that every act / behavior / choice can have an element of kindness with it. What an amazing world if that were the subconscious programming of humanity in general.

I am not worried about getting 4000 kindnesses with our group, I am worried for Mark having to give FREE HUGS on every weekend until the course is complete in March – lol.

It seems so completely natural to be kind in all circumstances. It is a choice after all, and one that becomes increasingly easier with a little practice.

Virtue is its own reward.



Week 15 -Mind As Matter

Mind as matter

As we engage Week 15, I am inspired by the idea that MIND (as light as a feather) has the power to manifest the material (as dense as a rock).

The popular phrase has always been Mind Over Matter, but in truth, it is Mind As Matter. What we think becomes the landscape of the world in which we live. Our thoughts become the mind – which becomes the template – in which our reality must conform.

It is so appropriate that the next 13 weeks is a transformation of our personalities, built on  survival and transformed into a virtuous being that transcends all the qualities of a personality based on “How Do I Win.”

In virtue, we have already won! It is the ‘future self’ that we beckon to become. And we have come to learn that all that we want to become is already within us. I am owning this glorious understanding – that I already am all that i have wanted to become.

I always keep my promises.

Week 14 – Feed Your Spirit

Kuan Yin

This was the first Christmas that we did .not focus on a lot of packages under the tree. In fact, having a young puppy that is still eating almost everything she sees prompted us to buy a small tree and place it on a table for puppy’s digestive safety. She did manage to eat one bulb which kept us vigilant for several days.

I am noticing all the racial biased incidences that are ever present in the media. It hurts me that this is still an ongoing struggle with human beings. A young black man was kicked out of a Portland Hotel for talking on his phone in the lobby. He happened to be a guest of the hotel and he was talking to his mother before going up to his room – REALLY???

Kuan Yin, the picture at the top of this blog, is the statue that graces my garden and always reminds me of her compassion for humanity. This is my reminder that as each of us becomes the best version of ourselves, we are taking steps toward this eventual ‘racial equality.’ How could the sons and daughters of an Almighty Presence be anything but of the same essence, and therefore equal? I am still hurting by this obvious injustice.

I am even more motivated to become the best version of myself. I want to have the influence to make changes in this injustice and to be a spiritual voice that ‘Feeds the Spirit’ of those who will listen. In Spirit we are all equal. In Spirit we know that we are all equal.

If I persist I succeed.





Week 13 – Where is the Guardian at the Gate?

christmas wreath

If you look carefully at the Holiday Wreath pic you can see a reflection of the one who took the photo – a metaphor for being absent at the gate.

Week 13 has reminded me that I have not been as vigilant as I could have been as the  ‘Watchman at the Gate.’ On several of the days during the week, I read GS twice instead of three times. I don’t sit very often as I “think” I have done that in my life as a spiritual practice and somehow I have credits built up and can use them to pass on the exercise.

The Sunday ‘webby’ reminded me that nothing should be left to chance. As soon as I think I can cruise because I have done such a stellar job the first half of the course, I am reminded of the current scroll, “Nor do I allow yesterday’s success to lull me into today’s complacency, for this is the great foundation for failure.” It became more painful to slack off a bit than to spend the time necessary for a quality week, a possible iteration of the NARC principle.

I was excited to add another stack of cards to my flash desk. Going through the deck is a nostalgic journey down “success road.” I keep the cards close to me as each time I read through them I remember how many wonderful things I have done, how mindful I now think, and how I have consciously earned this beautiful life.