Week 13 – Where is the Guardian at the Gate?

christmas wreath

If you look carefully at the Holiday Wreath pic you can see a reflection of the one who took the photo – a metaphor for being absent at the gate.

Week 13 has reminded me that I have not been as vigilant as I could have been as the  ‘Watchman at the Gate.’ On several of the days during the week, I read GS twice instead of three times. I don’t sit very often as I “think” I have done that in my life as a spiritual practice and somehow I have credits built up and can use them to pass on the exercise.

The Sunday ‘webby’ reminded me that nothing should be left to chance. As soon as I think I can cruise because I have done such a stellar job the first half of the course, I am reminded of the current scroll, “Nor do I allow yesterday’s success to lull me into today’s complacency, for this is the great foundation for failure.” It became more painful to slack off a bit than to spend the time necessary for a quality week, a possible iteration of the NARC principle.

I was excited to add another stack of cards to my flash desk. Going through the deck is a nostalgic journey down “success road.” I keep the cards close to me as each time I read through them I remember how many wonderful things I have done, how mindful I now think, and how I have consciously earned this beautiful life.


8 thoughts on “Week 13 – Where is the Guardian at the Gate?”

  1. LOL. Totally relate with the self-justifications! It is so easy to get lulled into complacency unless we do stand vigilantly at the gate of our minds. It sounds like you are very self-aware, observant, and getting back on track. Super job!


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