Week 14 – Feed Your Spirit

Kuan Yin

This was the first Christmas that we did .not focus on a lot of packages under the tree. In fact, having a young puppy that is still eating almost everything she sees prompted us to buy a small tree and place it on a table for puppy’s digestive safety. She did manage to eat one bulb which kept us vigilant for several days.

I am noticing all the racial biased incidences that are ever present in the media. It hurts me that this is still an ongoing struggle with human beings. A young black man was kicked out of a Portland Hotel for talking on his phone in the lobby. He happened to be a guest of the hotel and he was talking to his mother before going up to his room – REALLY???

Kuan Yin, the picture at the top of this blog, is the statue that graces my garden and always reminds me of her compassion for humanity. This is my reminder that as each of us becomes the best version of ourselves, we are taking steps toward this eventual ‘racial equality.’ How could the sons and daughters of an Almighty Presence be anything but of the same essence, and therefore equal? I am still hurting by this obvious injustice.

I am even more motivated to become the best version of myself. I want to have the influence to make changes in this injustice and to be a spiritual voice that ‘Feeds the Spirit’ of those who will listen. In Spirit we are all equal. In Spirit we know that we are all equal.

If I persist I succeed.






7 thoughts on “Week 14 – Feed Your Spirit”

  1. We are all members of the human race and I hope that the day comes soon when all are treated equally, not just in spirit, but in all ways: economically, in quality of education, with respect, with compassion, and every way in between.

    We too had to be vigilant with pets and Christmas decorations this year–we have two cats that love to chew on our artificial tree branches, and the younger one enjoys climbing it! We made it through with no tree toppling, just a few deep sways!


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