Week 17 – Specialized Knowledge


There have been times when ‘Specialized Knowledge allowed me to take advantage of a concept not yet well known to the general public.

In the 1970s, United Airlines came out with the first rendition of a loyalty program – that later became the mileage plus programs used today by all airlines. United Airlines offered an upgrade coupon for every leg a customer traveled. If you flew from San Francisco to Chicago in coach class, you were given a coupon that you could use on a future flight that upgraded you to First Class.

I was living in San Francisco at the time. What Specialized Knowledge did I have? There were two flights, one from San Francisco to San Jose (15 minutes) and one from San Francisco to Oakland, CA (15 minutes). Both of these flights qualified for an upgrade coupon on both legs. Needless to say I do not remember flying coach class again for as long as that program was in effect. The coupons were generic (no name on it) so they could be given as gifts or even sold to a traveler.  Imagine what a traveler flying from San Francisco to New York would pay for a First Class upgrade coupon.

Recently, Specialized Knowledge has had an opposite effect than flying First Class. I am responsible for managing a 12,000 sq. ft. Wellness Center with 8 individual business owners and a restaurant. When I agreed to take on this responsibility, I was left with lots of responsibility and no procedure manual. I was lost as to what needed to be done. I was so frustrated that I was contemplating quitting.

I used the NARC process and weighed the pros and cons of the position. I allowed (gave myself permission) to feel the angst of quitting. In the end, I recommitted to the position with a new attitude – the Specialized Knowledge that I would need to be successful I was determined to master – and not surprising, the company is prospering as a result of this new attitude.

I used the Bitcoin picture for this blog to remember that I lost out on the opportunity to prosper when Bitcoin was $.08 each – Specialized Knowledge that I did not have – but bought when it was under $3,000 each – Specialized Knowledge that I had gained.

I give myself permission to be upgraded with Specialized Knowledge.


11 thoughts on “Week 17 – Specialized Knowledge”

  1. Specialized knowledge from real life encounters and experiences rather than from an advanced educational experience. Learned and assimilated “on the front lines”! Interesting concept. Thank you for framing in-depth life focus and choices in this way.


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