Week 17/18 – Something is Missing

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This week’s webinar clarified for me a feeling that I have been having for several months. I can only describe it as a subtle sadness – soulful – and not attached to any current or specific circumstance in my life.

In the four stages of loss: Denial, anger, grief, and acceptance. My sadness (my grieving) is associated with my “Refuse the Call.” I have been through the stages of the Hero’s Journey. I wrote about it in my press release. I am on the Return. I know that Service is the only solution to this almost imperceptible sadness / grieving.

My DMP is a close description of my passion – but there is something missing. I hope that by acknowledging that a piece of my purpose is missing, that this will help me discover the missing piece.



10 thoughts on “Week 17/18 – Something is Missing”

  1. Greg, I’ve read this post twice. Thank you for articulating the sadness of a missing piece and also the hope that recognition of a missing piece will draw out an understanding of what that piece is. Please keep us posted!


  2. Greg, I hope you find that missing piece. I read your Press Release and liked it too. It’s very detailed. Perhaps if you go back there frequently you’ll discover what’s missing- if it adequately describes your journey toward your goals and vision.


  3. Hi Greg, I saw your post in the Alliances, and wondered and even left you a post, did you respond to a post I made last week, about meeting in Olympia, where I reside, at the Bread Peddler for coffee? It is my intention to build a strong support team for people living in Washington State to stay in touch and connected. I read your press release, very interesting story. Is your wife in the MKE, too? 360-701-9637 In Kindness & Gratitude, Naomi Lombardi, writingashealing.wordpress.com

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