Week 18 – Finishing Strong

The Week 18 webinar has some awesome takeaways: Shuffling in a whole new set of shapes to continue the onslaught on the subconscious mind (Law of Obedience – I just made that up); Why each of us can be the Greatest Salesperson in the World; The Key to Happiness is in 5 habits – And we have been doing them for the required month to build a habit!; That we already possess Aladdin’s Lamp and now know how to ‘Rub’ it Properly – What Would the Person I Intend to Become Do Next?

And yet, this was not the great takeaway for me. It didn’t happen in the webinar session. It happened in the mastermind portion that follows each webinar with the panel of 5: GiGi, Derek, Lori, the Fab D and Mark.

The discussion began talking about finishing the MKE strong. It reminded me of experiencing a lapse of focus near the end of a football game. My favorite team is up 24 – 7 with 5:10 to go in the third quarter. The game is in control – the game plan is flawless. The other team has a 3rd and 23 due to several penalties in this drive. AND THEN IT HAPPENS. We sack their quarterback… there’s a flag … roughing the passer – automatic first down. The opponent goes in for a score, and it’s 24 – 14. By the time the fourth quarter starts it’s 24 – 21 and a nervousness is pervasive in the stadium.

My question is always: What happened to the game plan that was flawless, the intensity of the players, and the exactitude with which they played most of the game? The good news is … the game goes into overtime and we kick a field goal to win with 00.02 seconds on the clock.

I am reminded, “Nor Do I allow yesterday’s success to lull me into today’s complacency, for this is the great foundation of failure.”

Our MKE course is also at the end of third quarter. Next week we start the fourth quarter. What is my team going to do? We must FINISH STRONG as to leave no impression that the opponent (our crusted Buddha) has even a chance to make a comeback victory. We play the fourth quarter, regardless of the score (and we are winning) as if it is our Super Bowl.

Read, flash, exercise, random acts of kindness, gratitude, reliving a moment, and becoming the silence (sit) that has access to all knowledge. The momentum of the first 18 weeks is a tsunami of happiness crashing upon the shores of our realities.




16 thoughts on “Week 18 – Finishing Strong”

      1. Yes, I am a founder, and I do. I was able to meet with all the owners of KGX, plus Brandon & Jaris. All that is except Mike Boggs who wasn’t physically at that bootcamp. I had hoped to cross paths with you there also. KGX answered all questions put to them at that Bootcamp. Most of the people in KGX actually joined originally for the Trading Bot, and it will still become available down the pike. In the meantime the company moves forward with plans that I thinik will work. Kris Hanks, who is the new communications director is among the MKE students, and tasked with communications for the company. Anything more than this we either need to speak privately, or depending on subject matter, I may refer you to Kris.

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  1. “The momentum of the first 18 weeks is a tsunami of happiness crashing upon the shores of our realities.” I loved this last sentence! Great post – and YES to everyone finishing strong!


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