Week 19 – Power Pose

supergirl pose

I was fortunate to hear a woman talk many years ago about her experiences in Australia. She was an American who was going on a “walkabout’ in the Australian bush. This was not a long weekend seminar – this was a 30-day experience.

She was guided by a group of Aborigines that live in the bush as a way of life. They ate what they caught and killed that day, her favorite as she told an audience of over 1000, was GOOEY LIZARD.

She spoke about the Aborigine way of life and death. Indigenous people have a way of understanding the cycle of life and they are aware of the cycle every day. How interesting is must be to be so connected to every facet of your survival – never taking much for granted – living in the moment and being acutely aware of the importance of your next decision.

She related a story of an experience she had years after her walkabout. She was at a beach in California with her granddaughter. As she entered the public bathrooms to help her granddaughter, she was followed in by a man who had those ‘crazy eyes’ as I recall her story. And as she turned around to face the man, she struck the Super Girl pose. The man became confused and ran out of the bathroom.

Everyone in the audience gave her a standing ovation and then we practiced the Super Girl pose. Even those many years ago, I can still remember the feeling that was associated with that pose – POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, INVINCIBLE!

Just when I think that nothing else could be added to the Master Key Experience, another gem is given … Emerson’s Law of Compensation in action.



9 thoughts on “Week 19 – Power Pose”

  1. Love the story Greg!
    I heard it said that there are two types of people you don’t want to mess with! One is a crazy person, the other is one who shows confidence in themselves. The Power Pose is like an invisible force field.

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  2. This is a truly amazing blog! I will be practicing the Power Pose moving forward! Greg, you have a beautiful style to your writing. I look forward to what you write every week. Keep up the great work. Peace be your journey!

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