Week 20 – Pearl of Wisdom

oyster and pearl

One of my favorite metaphors is the process within an oyster that creates a pearl.

Sunday’s Master Key webinar talked about the importance of expanding our comfort zone by using Fear, Guilt, Anger, Hurt Feelings and Unworthiness as tools. It was also suggested by the Fab D that people in your life that your react to in one of those aforementioned emotional expressions are , in fact, there to help you polish the edges of your emotional reactions. Imagine loving yourself so much that the conditions that previously bothered you NOW no longer have an affect on you or your emotional strength.

The oyster must overcome the same type of challenges in its lifetime. If a bit of grit or sand gets into its shell, it irritates the soft skin – now, it is way out of its comfort zone. But it does a remarkable thing, it begins to coat the sand with a film that begins to form a substance that protects the oyster from the irritation – using the irritation as a tool!

At the end of the process, the oyster takes an irritation, and using a tool to deal with it, turns the irritation into a pearl. As an aware human being, we can take the same type of irritations (out of our comfort zone) and turn them into pearls of wisdom.


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