Week 22 – Beyond Right and Wrong


When Rumi says, “There is a field beyond right and wrong. I will meet you there.” He is talking about being an OBSERVER – non-judgmental, non-opinionated – A State of Beingness.

In Week 22 of the Master Key Experience, the essence of the lesson was to find ways to use the 5 emotions of limitation – guilt, anger, fear, unworthiness and hurt feelings as tools to EXPAND OUR COMFORT ZONE.

An OBSERVER can never experience any of those 5 limited emotions as bad. And if observation expands the comfort zone, then we know that just outside the comfort zone is AWE and WONDER.

  • If we are humble enough to change 
  • If we are doing what we love.
  • If we welcome challenges.
  • If we are being of service

… Then we are certainly standing in the field beyond right and wrong where illuminated beings gather at the end of the Hero’s Journey.


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