Bitcoin Coming to a Starbucks Near You

bitcoin hourglass

Imagine going to your local Starbucks to get your daily tall, double shot latte no foam drink and seeing a machine that would allow you to buy bitcoin before your latte is ready.

That is exactly the plan. Bakkt is a platform that is going to make bitcoin purchases as easy as a mouse click away. Bakkt is owned by the InterContinental Exchange (ICE). This organization is so large and established that it owns the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) along with 22 other exchanges. This platform is scheduled to be ready by the end of 2019.

Starbucks and Microsoft are partnering with Bakkt to make it easy for anyone to buy bitcoin with a click of the mouse. 20 million people go in and out of Starbucks every day and while standing in line to order, you might be watching another line of people wanting to buy a few dollars worth of bitcoin.

Microsoft has 1.5 billion Windows users. Imagine that every time you fired up your computer to check your emails, up popped an icon to buy bitcoin. 

Microsoft and Starbucks partnership with Bakkt is one of the major reasons why I believe that bitcoin will hit a new all-time high ($20,000) before the end of 2020.

If you are interested in the other reasons I have discovered that will push bitcoin to unimaginable heights –



5 thoughts on “Bitcoin Coming to a Starbucks Near You”

  1. This is very interesting Greg!
    Although I have no Starbucks here, perhaps Tim Horton’s will be next?
    Your Tapas course is an easy read thus far, or should I say an easy listen! 38% completed and that was just over my morning coffee. Awesome!


  2. Does this mean the line at Starbucks is going to get even longer??! LOL!
    Very interesting information you are sharing here Greg. Thanks so much!


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