Whale Alert!

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Crypto Whales Explode: $596 Million in Bitcoin

Bitcoin whales are moving massive amounts of BTC in the volatile crypto market. As Bitcoin shot above $7,400 and then back down to around $6,900, whales moved a staggering 86,140 BTC worth about $596 million.

Whales are typically individuals with high net-worth in certain currencies which hold the power to sway the markets in their preferred direction.

However, as I stated in my online #Tapas-for-Life Bitcoin course : A Wealth Building Opportunity , the fundamentals are so strong for bitcoin that even the whales, with massive amounts of bitcoin, could not hold bitcoin down. Within a day, bitcoin had streaked past the original $7400 mark to almost $8000.

And to add to the momentum, the long awaited cryptocurrency platform, Bakkt, now has a launch date: July. This is massively bullish for bitcoin. I would not be surprised to see $10,000 bitcoin within several months.

A Note of Caution: Rally’s do not go straight up. There will be corrections along the way. A buy and hold strategy allows us to have patience while watching the volatility.



4 thoughts on “Whale Alert!”

  1. Something I never really paid attention to… I guess because I’m old school, don’t like risk with my money and like tax free guaranteed growth multi-generational wealth. …but hey… you don’t know what you don’t know. I’ll be tuning in… Thanks Greg!


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