Year 2 – Week 2: The advantage of doing the course again!

This is the 2nd week of my second year. This is, of course, a huge advantage to the first year experience. One of the great advantages is that I know what the process will bring – what changes I was able to make – the challenges that were overcome – the pride in having completed the entire 26 weeks with a great effort – and finally, my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) beginning to materialize – not all of it – but some of it – and in the progression that it should as some things must precede others.

I told a few people about the course, and several are in it for their first year. It is fun to watch their process and progress. I think I can help them if they need any inspiration as I have the advantage of knowing the effectiveness of the course, and in times when there may seem to be a little overwhelm, to remind them that it passed with me and it will pass with them.

As SYNERGY is a viable concept, I am excited to see YEAR 1 + Year 2 > than the sum of its parts.

I always keep my promises,

Greg Simmons



3 thoughts on “Year 2 – Week 2: The advantage of doing the course again!”

  1. Hey Greg!
    Congrats on Year two of the MKE!
    I can see this will be a fun year for observation, both of yourself and those who answered the call when you spread the word.
    I’ll be watching the Blog of the Week!
    Peach Be Your Journey.


  2. Hi Greg, my name is Lisandro Silva and I am 19 years old.

    I am impressed that I found this forum.
    At the beginning of this year I went to the house of my aunt Leticia Silva, whom I affectionately call “witch.”
    He gave me hot stone massages, and at the end of the session I asked him if he had any books to recommend me. I never liked reading, because of bad experiences in public at my school, but something in me said I wanted a second chance.

    He gave me a book of yours, “These things you will do and older, the physics of change” signed by you and with a nice message.

    I read it and was amazed by Ramtha’s teachings, then I happened to find another Ramtha book in my house, probably from my father. Called the initiate’s guide to creating reality, and it fascinated me even more.
    I am going to buy more books, and I hope I can attend some kind of lighting school.

    I am grateful to have this material at my fingertips.
    Greetings from Mercedes, Argentina. Blessings

    ps: sorry if the wording is not understood, I do not speak English, I copied this message to the translator.


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