Week 17 – Specialized Knowledge


There have been times when ‘Specialized Knowledge allowed me to take advantage of a concept not yet well known to the general public.

In the 1970s, United Airlines came out with the first rendition of a loyalty program – that later became the mileage plus programs used today by all airlines. United Airlines offered an upgrade coupon for every leg a customer traveled. If you flew from San Francisco to Chicago in coach class, you were given a coupon that you could use on a future flight that upgraded you to First Class.

I was living in San Francisco at the time. What Specialized Knowledge did I have? There were two flights, one from San Francisco to San Jose (15 minutes) and one from San Francisco to Oakland, CA (15 minutes). Both of these flights qualified for an upgrade coupon on both legs. Needless to say I do not remember flying coach class again for as long as that program was in effect. The coupons were generic (no name on it) so they could be given as gifts or even sold to a traveler.  Imagine what a traveler flying from San Francisco to New York would pay for a First Class upgrade coupon.

Recently, Specialized Knowledge has had an opposite effect than flying First Class. I am responsible for managing a 12,000 sq. ft. Wellness Center with 8 individual business owners and a restaurant. When I agreed to take on this responsibility, I was left with lots of responsibility and no procedure manual. I was lost as to what needed to be done. I was so frustrated that I was contemplating quitting.

I used the NARC process and weighed the pros and cons of the position. I allowed (gave myself permission) to feel the angst of quitting. In the end, I recommitted to the position with a new attitude – the Specialized Knowledge that I would need to be successful I was determined to master – and not surprising, the company is prospering as a result of this new attitude.

I used the Bitcoin picture for this blog to remember that I lost out on the opportunity to prosper when Bitcoin was $.08 each – Specialized Knowledge that I did not have – but bought when it was under $3,000 each – Specialized Knowledge that I had gained.

I give myself permission to be upgraded with Specialized Knowledge.


Week 16 – Kindness is Contagious


kindness pic2

I began seeing KINDNESS everywhere: My cat (once ferro) has adopted a baby ferro cat and is his/her guardian; my wife has been putting out my vitamins for me for years; my son took the garbage to the road; my electrician came to help me out on his day off – and the list goes on and on.

It occurs to me that every act / behavior / choice can have an element of kindness with it. What an amazing world if that were the subconscious programming of humanity in general.

I am not worried about getting 4000 kindnesses with our group, I am worried for Mark having to give FREE HUGS on every weekend until the course is complete in March – lol.

It seems so completely natural to be kind in all circumstances. It is a choice after all, and one that becomes increasingly easier with a little practice.

Virtue is its own reward.



Week 15 -Mind As Matter

Mind as matter

As we engage Week 15, I am inspired by the idea that MIND (as light as a feather) has the power to manifest the material (as dense as a rock).

The popular phrase has always been Mind Over Matter, but in truth, it is Mind As Matter. What we think becomes the landscape of the world in which we live. Our thoughts become the mind – which becomes the template – in which our reality must conform.

It is so appropriate that the next 13 weeks is a transformation of our personalities, built on  survival and transformed into a virtuous being that transcends all the qualities of a personality based on “How Do I Win.”

In virtue, we have already won! It is the ‘future self’ that we beckon to become. And we have come to learn that all that we want to become is already within us. I am owning this glorious understanding – that I already am all that i have wanted to become.

I always keep my promises.

Week 14 – Feed Your Spirit

Kuan Yin

This was the first Christmas that we did .not focus on a lot of packages under the tree. In fact, having a young puppy that is still eating almost everything she sees prompted us to buy a small tree and place it on a table for puppy’s digestive safety. She did manage to eat one bulb which kept us vigilant for several days.

I am noticing all the racial biased incidences that are ever present in the media. It hurts me that this is still an ongoing struggle with human beings. A young black man was kicked out of a Portland Hotel for talking on his phone in the lobby. He happened to be a guest of the hotel and he was talking to his mother before going up to his room – REALLY???

Kuan Yin, the picture at the top of this blog, is the statue that graces my garden and always reminds me of her compassion for humanity. This is my reminder that as each of us becomes the best version of ourselves, we are taking steps toward this eventual ‘racial equality.’ How could the sons and daughters of an Almighty Presence be anything but of the same essence, and therefore equal? I am still hurting by this obvious injustice.

I am even more motivated to become the best version of myself. I want to have the influence to make changes in this injustice and to be a spiritual voice that ‘Feeds the Spirit’ of those who will listen. In Spirit we are all equal. In Spirit we know that we are all equal.

If I persist I succeed.





Week 13 – Where is the Guardian at the Gate?

christmas wreath

If you look carefully at the Holiday Wreath pic you can see a reflection of the one who took the photo – a metaphor for being absent at the gate.

Week 13 has reminded me that I have not been as vigilant as I could have been as the  ‘Watchman at the Gate.’ On several of the days during the week, I read GS twice instead of three times. I don’t sit very often as I “think” I have done that in my life as a spiritual practice and somehow I have credits built up and can use them to pass on the exercise.

The Sunday ‘webby’ reminded me that nothing should be left to chance. As soon as I think I can cruise because I have done such a stellar job the first half of the course, I am reminded of the current scroll, “Nor do I allow yesterday’s success to lull me into today’s complacency, for this is the great foundation for failure.” It became more painful to slack off a bit than to spend the time necessary for a quality week, a possible iteration of the NARC principle.

I was excited to add another stack of cards to my flash desk. Going through the deck is a nostalgic journey down “success road.” I keep the cards close to me as each time I read through them I remember how many wonderful things I have done, how mindful I now think, and how I have consciously earned this beautiful life.

Week 12 – The Presence of my Future Self

light thru the trees

Week 12 started with an awesome exercise of repeating our 1 sentence DMP in front of a mirror. I had done a very similar exercise many years ago. I wrote out my most outrageous FIVE goals, printed on a large piece of paper, and with a re-bounder, bounced 45 minutes while reading and repeating the five goals.

I honestly thought these goals were outside my level of acceptance – but these were the instructions, so I went with it. However, the more I bounced, the more I became hypnotic. I was able to OBSERVE the 5 goals without judgment.

One of my 5 goals was to own a World Champion Arabian Show Horse. Within two months, I was given an opportunity to buy a syndicated share of three horses, one of which was the current Jr. World Champion, recently crowned in a competition in Paris, France.

In the exercise with the MKE, I went into that same hypnotic trance. I saw a being that was me, and not me, looking back at me in the mirror. This being had no eyes – It was me with a PRESENCE that could only be my future self. I thought back on the exercise that I had done so many years before that had produced such incredible results, and I became confident that the same would happen with this exercise.

I am continuously surprised at the level of knowledge that the MKE presenters have gained over their years of experience.

Thank you for so generously sharing your wisdom with us.




Week 11 – “I Promise” to Riches

Week 11 has culminated in a ‘Big Payoff.’ The FOUR habits to Persistence, the great principle that insures success, we have already formed. I am noticing that small things are showing up in my life that corresponds with the teachings I have been learning.

I had an opportunity to help a veteran who was wounded in one of the ongoing wars. He walks with a cane and is in pain all day. I manage a wellness center and gave him a complimentary floatation session. These are deprivation tanks that allows you to suspend yourself in 11 inches of water that is filled with over 1000 #’s of Epsom salt. You are like a cork in the ocean. After the session, he said that he was totally pain free for the 90 minutes while he floated. I was so happy to offer this relief to a beautiful young man who lives under difficult circumstances.

Three months later his sister comes to the center and buys a 10-float package for him because of the relief he got from his first experience. This is the Law of Giving in one of its finest housr.

In reading an article this week, I came across a story that was talking about the world’s oldest billionaire. Here is a short clip from the article: The world’s oldest billionaire. That title currently belongs to 100-year-old Chang Yun Chung, a shipping magnate based in Singapore

Beyond his business accolades, very little is known about Chang, who shies away from the limelight. During one rare television interview he hinted at his secrets to success: “I’m hard-working, I’m very honest with everyone,” he said. “Whatever I promise, I always fulfill my promise. That is my principle.”

These are several of the examples that are confirming that what I am learning is showing up in my world.


Becoming – Week 10

Becoming week 10

This is a breakthrough week for me. I now have the sense that instead of doing the exercises as a method, that I am actually becoming the exercises. It is not so much a duty as a desire.

I have not integrated it completely, but I can see its effects in my life. I know that what is being designed in the MKMMA process is a real science that has produced students with real results. Each day my confidence grows and any sense of suspicion of what has been promised is evaporating.

I do not need to see results – I am experiencing an inner change that has made me aware of my opinions, my limited thinking, and my refusal of the calling. This awareness allows me to use the 7 Laws of the Mind to be the ‘watchman’ at the gate of my mind. And I can see Gandalf on the bridge declaring, “You Shall Not Pass,” for I am the master of my destiny and none can interfere with this reality.

So Be It!

Week 9 – Living as my Future Self


This is my favorite place on my property. I have sat under this pergola while the wisteria are in full bloom and the extreme fragrance of the white flowers are other-worldly. This I have done on many, many afternoons and early evenings for 17 years.

The environment insists on lofty thoughts. No matter what kind of day I have had, when I get here, my breathing slows down and I become aware of my presence. I imagine that my ‘future self’ lives like this in all situations – in this frequency, there is no angst, only possibilities.

In quantum physics, the law is that all time exist simultaneously – past, present and future. My ‘future self’ is alive and well and living in the presence of the moment – the fertile soil for planting the seeds of creation. I am becoming aware that it is possible to be my ‘future self’ and all its glory NOW.

Week 8 – No TV, No Opinions, No Negative Thoughts???

Greg & Marlee

I remember this photo. It reminds me of living in gratitude – that night was the first night my wife and I went out after a horrendous event that shattered both of us for months. It was an evening that TV, Opinions, and Negative Thoughts were not part of the evening.

Week 8 is bringing a whole host of disciplines together –  my DMP being embedded in my mind everyday (through reading and my recorded version), my awareness and practice that I have the choice as to how I respond to challenging situations, and turning off the TV to see how I will use the time differently.

This course is an attack from every angle to REINVENT myself. It is challenging me to become greater than I have been to date. I have not seen another course with this much content and wisdom that is coupled with the unwavering support of the teachers, staff and guides.

I live in gratitude everyday, every moment!