Press Release

Author Inspires Tens of Thousands to Face Their Fears

Mulai de Guise Publishing

October 1, 2020


Author Greg Simmons was recently interviewed by the Seattle Times and Michaal Mulai, who is the head financial adviser for the Seattle newspaper.

MIchaal: How did you come up with the idea that facing your fears was an optimal strategy for personal success?

Greg: It’s a counter-intuitive idea, I know. It’s comes from my own personal experience. I had an occasion a few years back to lose all my financial savings in one day. It was the most terrifying experience I had ever had. I was practically dysfunctional for several months. Unable to eat more than a mouthful of food at any one sitting, I lost 25 pounds in a few weeks. I was depressed and felt hopeless.

Michaal: What exactly did you do to recover your mental balance?

Greg: I am fortunate that I have been a sincere student in a school of ancient wisdom for over thirty-five years, and I practice spiritual disciplines every day. At first, I did these disciplines for three hours each day. It was during these sessions, and the only time during the day, that I was not riddled with the fear of what could happen to myself and my family. I was afraid to go to sleep at night and afraid to wake up in the morning. There are no words to adequately describe this experience. Only those who have had similar experiences will be able to relate.

Michaal: How long did it take for you to feel yourself again?

Greg: I never did.

Michaal: What do you mean?

Greg: I had to make a choice. I was either going to be victimized by the circumstances or face the fears of “what might be.” I knew from my spiritual education that every circumstance, however bleak, has a “purposeful good” aspect. The difficulty was finally coming to the realization that facing these circumstances was going to have a huge long-term benefit for me.

Michaal: When and how did that realization occur?

Greg: It occurred about three months after the ‘Great Debacle’ as my wife and I call it. I was walking in the woods at the back of our property. I have a trail in the woods that I walk every day while saying affirmations. I had an epiphany. I realized in an unexpected moment, that my greatest evolutionary opportunity was to face the circumstances, whatever they may be.

Michaal: How did that realization make a difference?

Greg: For the first time I was no longer afraid. In that moment I became my own hero, and I realized that I had already won the battle. I had faced my greatest fear. My life changed forever in that moment.

Michaal: How did you use this experience to write your book, Crucifixion: In Pursuit of the Divine.

Greg: I understood that the process I had been going through for the previous thirty-five years had led my on a journey. I was able to articulate 5 distinct steps in the journey that led me to write this second book. My first book, These Things You Shall Do and Greater, the Physics of Change allowed me to know that I could write the next evolutionary book on my spiritual quest for enlightenment. You don’t often know you can do something until you have done it. I had already written a book that was also translated and published into 5 additional foreign languages.

Michaal: When did you find was the best time to write your book?

Greg: We have a lakefront property on Lake Cushman about 1-1/2 hours from our home. It’s an incredible setting to relax, contemplate, and sit on the deck watching the morning sunrise while having a cup of coffee. It’s an inspirational place and I spent many hours thinking, writing, and dreaming as I wrote most of the book at our vacation home.

Michaal: Can you tell us the 5 steps?

Greg: The first step is a CALLING. It’s a feeling that is so powerful that it can override everything you are currently doing and lead you on a journey. In my case, I was the marketing partner for Tony Robbins. He was just getting started and over a period of eighteen months, we built a solid foundation for him to launch himself into Super Stardom. I was to make millions and millions of dollars as his partner and we had a plan to facilitate those goals.

Michaal: What happened?

Greg: My CALLING called me. I left that opportunity and all that it promised financially and moved to the Pacific Northwest to become the Marketing Director for Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. I can recall the day I left Southern California on my epic journey into the unknown. The weather was perfect Southern California weather – sunny without a cloud in the sky. I had my 1973 Mercedes 450 SL packed and my CD player ready. I pushed the button and began listening to St. Elmo’s Fire as I raced up 405 North towards Los Angeles. I was leaving my past behind and would not return for another 15 years to visit a friend for a few days.

The second step in the journey is EMPOWERMENT. I became the most prominent student and staff person in the school. I had created and organized the World Tour. This is when the school began travelling consistently to countries on 6 continents and bringing Ramtha’s message and his spiritual disciplines to common people. I was Ramtha’s first appointed teacher and travelled on average two weeks of each month for 12 years teaching tens of thousands of students the philosophy of ancient wisdom and the techniques of his spiritual disciplines.

The third step is CRUCIFIXION. This will be different for everyone, and I described my crucifixion as the Great Debacle a few minutes ago. This step 3 is crucial for the journey to continue to its completed cycle. This is where many people stop the process to enlightenment. I understand now why so many would. This step has been called “the Dark Night of the Soul.” It’s not something that happens and resolves itself in a few days or a few weeks. “It’s hell for a while.” It’s important that this crucifixion destroys your impression of your personality and its apparent empowerment. One must be ultimately humbled to reorganize priorities and eliminate any sense of importance.

Michaal: How long did this step last for you?

Greg: Sometimes it feels as if it’s still happening. The residue of this incredible experience is always with you, reminding you of the step necessary to overcome and be triumphant of to continue the journey.

Michaal: I can’t wait to know what step 4 is.

Greg: It’s the beginning of a new life. It is called PERTURBATION. The dictionary defines it as a deviation of a system, moving object, or process from its regular or normal state or path, caused by an outside influence. Biologists are familiar with the term and define it as the destroying of an existing system that reorganizes itself at a higher level of efficiency.

Step 4 can vary in how long it takes for that reorganization to occur. In my case, it was a gradual reorganization that spanned 5 years.

Michaal: I don’t have any idea what the final step 5 could be called.


The final chapter in this model, the path to enlightenment, is SERVICE. It took this time, these experiences and years of contemplation to understand that SERVICE is the ultimate step in this journey to enlightenment. It is said, that if you want more, you must give more.

Michaal: Do you have regrets of leaving all that money on the table?

Greg: The millions of dollars that I gave up following my CALLING has led me on a journey that is priceless and fulfilling to the deepest core of my being.

I wrote Crucifixion: In Pursuit of the Divine because I believe that the journey to enlightenment is what everyone is looking for consciously or unconsciously. I am hoping that this 5-step process will give people the understanding of what to look for in their own personal journey and, more importantly, what it takes to “stay the course’ regardless of the circumstances. The adversity is there to give you an opportunity to reinvent yourself and reorganize your thoughts at a higher level of spiritual evolution.

Michaal: How did you make a living while being busy with your book, doing your daily spiritual practices, and enjoying your family on weekends and holidays at your lake house?

Greg: I was looking for an opportunity to make money with as little time invested as possible. I knew as soon as I heard about a new financial concept called Bitcoin, that a huge opportunity was available.

I bought my first Bitcoins in early 2017, long before it began its parabolic rise to unimaginable highs. And to leverage this investment, I needed a vehicle to maximize the returns. I researched Bitcoin trading bots and settled on one called Cryptohopper. I liked this platform as it gave me an opportunity to try it free for one month to see if the results were going to be worth the investment to buy this package.

I used the concept of compound interest. As Einstein has been famously quoted, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” Compound interest allows one to reinvest your earnings back into the original investment every day. The difference between compound interest and simple interest, used by banks, is why Einstein called it the eighth wonder of the world.

For example, if one invested $500 into one of these trading bots, and the average monthly return is 8.5% – a very conservative estimate – after 72 months that $500 initial investment would return over $77,000 using compound interest. And if you doubled the initial investment to $1000, the returns are much greater than twice $77,000. However, one very simple addition to this strategy made a huge difference.

If you added $200 each month to your principle investment, you would have a net position of over $1,000,000 starting with the original $500 and in the same 72 months’ time frame. Compound interest is an incredible secret not yet well known. Fortunately, my two sons wanted to invest in this trading strategy as well, and this is how we purchased our Lake Cushman lakefront property. And to put the icing on the cake, we were able to pay the full price of the property in Bitcoins.

Michaal: Were you able to help others besides your family make this kind of money?

Greg: I was able to convey this strategy to tens of thousands of common people in my monthly webinars, “As Within, So Without.”  It’s an unlikely title for creating fabulous wealth, but I can assure you, if you are not already wealthy, creating a world of wealth within is the only way it will show up in your life.

Michaal: I am looking forward to checking out Cryptohopper and re-reading both of your books with a new understanding.